Our Business & Products


A closer look at our business operations

NaITO's business operations

We, as a trading company dealing in machines and tools, are playing important roles as a bridge between manufacturers and customers and delivering products to end users smoothly. Manufacturing industry is indispensable to Japanese economic activities.
We supply basic materials smoothly and it leads to help further development of manufacturing industry.

NaITO's strength

Our strength lies in "Specialized Capabilities" like merchandise knowledge.
We perform suggestion business with "Specialized Capabilities" to meet the needs of users and provide solution.


We offer best suited products and prime services to support manufacturing operations.
The following showcases the products offered by NaITO on a segment-by-segment basis.

Cutting tools

These products are used for cutting metals.

Major items
Carbide tools, special steel tools, abrasives and diamond tools


Measurement equipment and instrument are that measure shape, quality and performance for works.

Major items
Measurement devices : 3D measuring machines, shape measuring device, optical measurement device, torque machine, various test equipment, foreign object detector and so on. measuring instrument :vernier caliper, micrometer, dial gauge and gauge

Industrial devices

The devices and tools are used for improving productivity and environmental protection.

Major items
Tooling, complementary tools, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, environmental equipment, working tools

Mechanical tools

The equipment are called mother machine and indispensable to industry.

Major items
Lathes, milling machines, machining centers, grinding machines, electric discharge machines, robots and CAD/CAM systems