Top Message & Philosophy & Vision



Here is our vision and description of business.

Our business philosophy is to offer wide variety of products including cutting tools, measurement, industrial devises and machine tools, as best suited products and best services to our business partners in Japan and overseas, and to contribute to development of whole industry technical innovations of the manufacturing industry. In order to achieve this business philosophy, we have conducted transparent management to be a trusted company to stakeholder and make an effort to meet your expectation as "Company specialized in information and technology".

Thank you for your continuous support and patronage for NaITO.

Management Philosophy

We offer best suited products and prime services to our business partners in Japan and overseas, and to contribute to development of the whole industry through technical innovations of the manufacturing industry.

Management Stance
  1. 1.We will build a sound finance and engage in high transparency management that wins trust from stakeholders.
  2. 2.We will be a solution partner that supports various needs of customers.
  3. 3.We will set up a clear vision that anticipates future trends and attempt to make swift decisions and to take quick action.
  4. 4.We will be a company that places value on humans and that develops employees through work.
  5. 5.We will comply with corporate ethics in management as a member of the local community.
Code of Conduct
  1. 1.Every one of us will keep trying without fear of failure.
  2. 2.Every one of us will think proactively and act responsibly.
  3. 3.Every one of us will keep their promises in an effort to build up trust.
  4. 4.Every one of us will think and act from the standpoint of business partners.
  5. 5.Every one of us will be aware as a member of society and act in conformity to the moral principles.

Management Vision

NaITO is aiming at such evaluation from the market as below.

The company which offers the most suitable products and the best service, in order to lead changing industry to a new era, as a technological coordinator of all machines and tools, based on specialized knowledge fostered by sales of cutting tools, together with domestic and abroad business partners.

NaITO is delineating such a picture of the future as below.

  1. 1.We strengthen and expand the business with information collecting ability and technical skills, and aim to be the most trusted company from our customers.
  2. 2.We always keep grasping industry trends and support our customers, and aim to be "No.1 professional group" to suggest total solution of skills "To cut, to produce, to use, to measure".
  3. 3.Without missing business opportunities, we aim at a company with the mobility of global expansion.

NaITO will create such corporate culture as below.

  1. 1.We believe individual potential and build climate that "staffs and the company can grow together".
  2. 2.We make "open" climate like new interaction will be created.
  3. 3.We make climate that "Feel fulfillment and vibrant" by accomplishing company plans.
  4. 4.Each member of company makes an effort to progress human resources, and we make the climate that "can achieve self-actualization through work".